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Changes by moonlight... [entries|friends|calendar]
KikumARRRu Eiji

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Voices in the night [Thursday
November 17th, 2005 @9:35pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Nya? What was that?

Can't you hear it?

I swear I'm not making it up. I heard something, it sounded... nya that's impossible. It couldn't be.

But what if it is...?

Everyone's been trying to fight off falling asleep out here, but I think we're losing the battle. I've already nodded off a few times, and I can see Taka-san asleep on the other side of the fire with his straw head on his chest. I think Oishi's asleep... maybe? It's hard to tell, his eyes are closed, but I've seen Oishi at "just resting" before, and he's a Jedi now. They're supposed to be pretty aware of things nya?

Then why isn't anyone else waking up? I can't be the only one who heard that.

Something tells me I'm just imagining things, but it sounded so real and close, and I've never heard made up things before!

Oishi~ I'm really scared, why aren't you waking up?

There it is again! Nya didn't ANYONE hear that? I'm really worried now. It's impossible but... I'd know that sound anywhere. I have to go check it out!

I'll take my sword and pistol but leave my coat, so when you guys wake up you'll know I'm only going to be gone for a little bit. I'm sorry, but I can't ignore this, not when it sounds so familiar and so close, and nya if it really is I'll never forgive myself for not making sure! Gomen!

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Wishing for a tinfoil helmet [Wednesday
October 19th, 2005 @5:50pm]
Maybe Oishi really isn't a Jedi afterall.

I mean, he looks like one with that cloak on, and he's got the lightsaber and all, but we've been walking around for hours and we're STILL lost!

I finally convinced Oishi to sit down and take a break, cause I was getting all sweaty wearing this huge jacket and carrying a couple of weapons, plus Taka-san looked like he was starting to get scared he might actually fall apart at the seams if he kept walking any more. I wonder what it feels like to be made out of straw. Does it itch? Do you even get tired? No muscles to supply oxygen to right? How does he even talk if it's all straw in there??

Nya, it hurts my head to even think about it that hard, and Oishi would probably give me his very-disappointed-face if I started asking Taka-san those kinds of questions.

Hrm, maybe Oishi is a Jedi after all, cause he's giving me a weird, worried look now. Nya did he read my thoughts again!? I really like being the Golden Pair with Oishi and having everyone think we can read each other's minds on the court, but this is just getting weird >.>

At least we've got a fire going. I didn't realize how cold it actually was out until I took off my jacket, and now having the flames nearby is good for staying warm. I also decided to check through my other pockets, just to see what might be there, considering Ochibi-chan went and stole something from me I didn't even know I had in the first place. Didn't find anything interesting though. Some rusty looking compass, and a ring with a skull on it. Not really my thing, but I decided to put the ring on anyway. It matches the costume you know?

I hope we don't have to put the fire out any time soon. It's nice having a little light to see by finally, even though Taka-san keeps edging farther and farther away from the pit, like he's worried his legs will catch fire or something, and knowing Oishi he'll probably get worried about monsters and Taka-san's mental health and tell us we gotta put it out. Mou, doesn't he know I can protect us if anything happens? I haven't even seen his lightsaber yet, so who knows if it really works, but I know my sword and gun are real enough. Yeah, bring on the bad guys, I'll show them a few of Kikumaru-sama's acrobatic sword moves!

Oishi's looking at me funny again. Quick, must think bland thoughts. Hmm... doot doot hoi nya nya nyaaaa...
(Trick or Treat?)

His stick is bigger than mine [Wednesday
October 5th, 2005 @9:00am]
I wasn't kidding when I asked Oishi if he could protect us. These woods are giving me the creeps, because the longer we stay in them, the more I get the feeling that they (or whatever placed them here) is the same reason for us being brought here, and for the weird changes I'm going through. Just because I was suddenly able to handle a gun and a sword a half hour ago doesn't mean I can do it again, or that I even want to do it again.

I really want to go home.

I know Oishi is dressed up like a Jedi. I should know, I picked the darn costume out, but the details didn't really click in my head until we were walking away from that disasterous encounter on the path. Really, how was I supposed to know? Oishi's cloak from before hadn't been nearly this big or billowy looking, nor had he been wearing shiny black boots that thumped heavily on the ground while he walked. I can't be entirely blamed for mistaking him as someone else, for something else, not when my nose doesn't work as well as my eyes and I've gotta base first impressions off what I see. Thank god for Jedi reflexes.

Oh I've got a pretty good idea that Oishi's changed too. Ripping my gun out of my hand just like in the movies was a dead giveaway that something was different. Now that I'm not so in shock over the whole thing, I gotta say it's pretty damn cool. My doubles partner - a Jedi. We'd start winning matches a LOT easier with those kinds of powers on our side of the net, not that the Golden Pair needs mystical powers of the Force to win or anything, but it could come in handy, you know.

Oh I better stop grinning, Oishi's looking at me funny again.

He's been doing that quite a bit too, and he'd be stupid if he didn't know that I've noticed every worried glance sent my way. It's just gearing us up to a talk, I can feel it, cause I have a lot of questions I want to ask Oishi too, like if he's met anyone else we know here, and what other kinds of Jedi powers he's got hiding under that big cloak. I've seen all the movies, I know what a Jedi can do. Man, now I'm wishing I'd dressed up as something cooler than a dashing pirate. Oishi gets extrasensory powers, and I got a face full of scars. Not fair.
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Semi-late arrival [Tuesday
October 4th, 2005 @2:06pm]
Eiji couldn’t believe how bad his luck had been so far tonight. Not only had the candy pickings been slim, even with the promise of most of Oishi’s stash, because his double’s partner had some strange aversion to large quantities of chocolate (who ever got sick on chocolate?), but they’d ended up getting lost in the city park, which Eiji was sure he knew like the handle of his racket. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he’d gotten separated from Oishi somehow.

He hadn’t noticed immediately when the fog began swirling around his feet, but he did finally glance down once the gray mass had reached his knees, the cold air prickling through the cheap fabric to lay goosebumps against his skin. Eiji turned about once, head down, watching the plastic scabbard at his waist cut a black swirl through the fog. The fog was getting higher, thicker, darker, and when Eiji looked up he was surprised to see it sweeping in from all directions. The trees of the park were no longer visible, the stars overhead becoming obscure, even to his perceptive eyes. Eiji swallowed and looked about for his partner that had gone missing, sure that Oishi could not be far when they’d been side by side only a minute before.

“Oishi? Oishi! Nya where’d you go, Oishiiii!”

There was no answer, only a pervasive silence that seemed to swallow every word he shouted. The fog was incredibly thick now, a wall of gray that chilled Eiji’s throat with every indrawn breath, making his stomach tingle in the strangest way. He took a step forward, then stopped, not even sure which way to turn at this point. He was starting to feel light headed, and the plastic clip-on earrings in his ears seemed a lot heavier now than when he’d put them on. His whole body felt heavier in fact, and Eiji could distinctly smell salt now... salt and the ocean.

That was when the fog suddenly began to swirl and clear, retreating nearly as quickly as it had come, and Eiji gaped at the sight before him. Where the trees and the orange lamps of the park had once existed, a looming castle protruded from the land, swathed in moonlight and crowned by high turrets that blocked out the stars. He blinked and rubbed his eyes, sure he was seeing things, then gasped aloud at the rough skin his fingers encountered. His fingertips gently felt around his face, from his jaw to the top of his cheekbones, tracing the uneven lines of scars that had, up until a few minutes ago, been nothing more than stage makeup carefully applied by one of his sisters. They crossed over his brow and down the side of his left temple, and another that felt like the remnants of a long, deep wound sat in the exact same place where his habitual bandage had once been, discarded for tonight in favor of keeping in character. Eiji's hands were beginning to shake, and he dropped them hastily, taking a half-step back in surprise.

The motion brought his attention back to the added weight he’d felt before, and he realized that his feet felt exceptionally heavy, as if he really were wearing knee-high leather boots. The scabbard at his side was heavier too, and it thumped heavily against his thigh as he moved, tugging on the thick leather belt around his waist. Eiji’s surprise over the scarred skin on his face was replaced by astonished wonder as he reached down and drew from the scabbard an amazing length of gleaming, folded steel that shone in the moonlight, the weight feeling almost as natural in his hand as it did when he held a tennis racket.

Everything was starting to make sense, albeit in a strange, unbelievable, twisted way that made Eiji simultaneously cold with dread and hot with wonder and awe. He was a pirate. Not just dressing up as one, but a real pirate. He was sure of it. Every fiber in his body knew this was the truth, his hands had felt it, his eyes had seen it, and while his brain was still slowly accepting it, he just knew that somehow, he’d changed.

Eiji replaced the sword in its scabbard carefully, methodically, as if he’d done it a thousand times already and not just for the second time that night. The sound of the steel rubbing against hardened leather was familiar, comforting, and Eiji let out a deep exhale as the blade slid home. Things had changed, he had changed, but he was still alive, which meant that there was a real possibility that there might be others who were alive too, also brought to this place just like he had been. His first priority should be to find them, find Oishi if he was here too, and then... Then they could head for that castle, and face what adventure lie in wait beyond.

[OOC: Just an arrival post, the real rping will come later ^_^]

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